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The St. Albert Tennis Club has been granted two Casino dates for the upcoming year. Please mark your calendars for Sunday June 7th and Monday June 8th. Bruce Neumann has agreed to be the Casino Chairperson for this eveant. A huge thank you to Bruce!

Next we are in need of someone  willing to do the General Manager's function. Below is a very general job description:

  1. the General Manager or the Assistant General Manager,  covers all shifts of volunteers. In other words the General Manager covers one shift on each of the 2 days and the assistant General Manager covers the other shift, each day.
  2. The General Manager (or Assistant General Manager )  is the contact person, while on shift, for the Casino and our paid Advisors.
  3. The General Manager provides a list of volunteers and their positions for each shift and is the lead volunteer position in a shift.
  4. Now the good part. Although job seems complicated if you read the job description attached, there is excellent support by the Advisors and you cannot get in trouble. They have all the resource knowledge to guide us through our event and are very supportive. Dave will attest to this.
  5. the main aspect is managing the volunteers and making sure we have the volunteer manpower we commit to there. Dave Hildebrand, who did it last time is willing to provide some guidance, if you desire. You would report to Bruce if problems or concerns.  An online signup sheet for volunteers will be set up.

If you are interested please let Bruce know. If you have someone in mind who you would like to work with you as Assistant General Manager  , please check with him or her, and let Bruce know.

 Bruce would like to finalize lead personnel in January so he can apply for licence. Hope you can make it work. Bruce will send you form to fill out when you notify him one way or other. Email at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text 780-235-8477. 

 Please consider volunteering for one of these positions.

And again mark your calendars as we will need a goodly complement of members to work the casino.




The Mission Hill Courts public use schedule is posted by the main gate of the tennis courts.


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