St. Albert Tennis Club 




 Save the date:  Annual General Meeting

October 10 at 7:00 pm Tennis Club Clubhouse

Everyone is welcome to attend especially those who would like to volunteer to sit on the executive or to volunteer to help out with one of the ongoing maintenance and organzational tasks that occur and recur during the year.

Here are some examples of these activities:

Putting out the garbage cans every second Sunday for pick up.

Bringing them back in on Monday.

Emptying the court and club house garbage cans once a week.

Blowing the leaves off the court.

Picking up litter around the courts biweekly.

Watering the flowers.

Sweeping the clubhouse floor. (weekly)

Helping out the Social Committee with set up, food prep and display and clean up. (3 or  4 Saturdays a year)

As you can see these tasks are neither particularly time consuming nor complex

but they serve the function of keeping the club running smoothly and making the clubhouse, courts and surroundings presentable and attractive.

We have an abundance of junior members and youth who attend camps  which makes many of these clean and shine tasks all the more necessary.

The club  does not have a regular or salaried maintenance person or clubhouse manager and we totally rely on individuals to take on these duties in order to keep things spic and span and functioning well.

Please consider volunteering to help out in some capacity. A few minutes here and there can make a big difference, helps distribute the work load more equitably and gives more members a stake in the club's continued success.

For information about how you can volunteer and more detail on tasks please email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Saturday, September 14 - Club Championships

Congratualations to all the winners and thanks to Peter Rothwell

and the Friday Night Lights volunteers for organizing and running this event.


On Tuesdays starting at 12:00 noon the lobsters are using a ladder format.

Please show up by noon so we can make the ladder run smoothly.


The Mission Hill Courts public use schedule is posted by the main gate of the tennis courts.


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