St. Albert Tennis Club 




The tennis courts and clubhouse are closed for the season.

We hope to see everyone next spring.

We will post the protocols for tennis as directed by AHS and the City of St. Albert for next season once they are set.

 At the general meeting a committee was struck to address/investigate; Board
vacancies and the potential to pay for some services to reduce
burden on volunteer Board members. 

As a result of this meeting the present board members will continue in their positions

or assume others until the spring when a recruiting drive will take place to fill vacancies.

Please consider volunteering for the board in the spring.

We have received a date for our Casino in the early new year.

An email will be sent out with detailed information.

 City of St. Albert Community Capital Program Grant Program

City Council, at their September 21, 2020 meeting, considered the request from the
St. Albert Tennis Club to provide a 2020 Community Capital Program Grant to
assist with the bench replacement project at the Tennis Club facility located on
Mission Avenue and awarded $2,096 for this project.

St. Albert has branded itself as Alberta’s Botanical Arts City, which signals their intent
 to support our City’s economic and social development initiatives. As a long time city organization the Saint Albert Tennis Club actively participates in helping St. Albert realize its goal of becoming The Botanical Arts City, helping to contribute toward: a sustainable living philosophy, the celebration of our botanical arts, a commitment to a green lifestyle and the
cultivation of activities that support a well-rounded quality of life.

Public hours are posted on the main gate.


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