St. Albert Tennis Club 


                                                     Net Installation!

A keen and energetic group of volunteers washed the courts and put up the nets on Saturday April 6th.

The web cam is up and running now; check it out.

Keypads for the Front Door and Lounge

This Thursday April 11 the front door will have a keypad entry system installed so that all members can access the water taps and wash rooms without having to find a member with a key.

The code will be given out to all adult members which should be welcomed by all who have been shut out of the clubhouse in the past when no one was present with a key.

However with freedom comes responsibility!

Please act responsibly with the code and with your access to the clubhouse.

The code should be carefully guarded by the members and not given out indiscriminately. This is very important!

Inside the clubhouse members are asked to be very careful to keep the floors, the washrooms and the kitchen area clean and tidy.

If there are difficulties or infractions (and we don't anticipate any problems) then the code accessibility will be reviewed.

The lounge area will have its own code and that will be given out on a similar basis as to how the lounge keys were distributed in the past.

(The keys formerly used for the front door and lounge are now obsolete but the city would like to have them returned so the executive will be collecting them from the former users - this will also help us determine lounge area access.)

Email any suggestions or concerns on this matter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Volunteers are integral to the success of our tennis club.

Each year we have several volunteer positions which need filling if the club is to operate smoothly and effectively.

We are asking people once again to step forward and take on some of these necessary tasks. In the past members have been very generous with their time and effort. It would be wonderful to see some new faces this year. If your time is limited then tasks can be split or shared. In all fairness we all have a responsibility to see that the volunteer positions are handled equitably by all the members – that way we all share in its success and ensure we have a solid foundation for the future.

Here are some of the positions which need filling: a brief description follows each one.

More information can be obtained at the Open House (see below) or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lounge Manager: Thanks very much to Gary Huculak for volunteering for this important position.

Social Committee:There should be a minimum three Social Committee members one of which should take a lead role and whom is a member of the Board of Directors: organize volunteers, refreshments, etc. for opening day and closing day and senior tournament, ,stock clubhouse kitchen with supplies. e.g. coffee, paper towels, cleaning supplies

Communications Manager: Update website as required with information provided by board members, liaise with the Tennis Club IT Administrator with regard to hardware and software issues, designing the website, etc.,email notices and other information about club events as directed by board members.

Other positions less formal but ongoing:

  1. Put out refuse containers for Monday collection on Sunday night
  2. Return containers to clubhouse on Monday.
  3. Water flowers: at least every other day or on a regular day
  4. Empty on court refuse containers:

One time event

  1. Purchase flowers, once in the spring to fill the containers (This has been filled: thanks very much to Cathy Bowley, Bill Rugg and Dave Rudge)

If you can help please let a member of the executive know or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 2019 membership online registration is now available on the Membership page. (Clink on the Membership tab above).Take advantage of the EARLY BIRD offer up until May 10.

Information and online registration forms are now available for Summer youth camps (click on the Lessons tab above and go to the Youth Camps page)  and Junior Drop In Program for junior club members (click on the Juniors tab above).

Registration for Adult Beginner and Intermediate lessons on Wednesdays in May and June is now available. The information is to be found by clicking on the lessons tab above and then clicking on the Adult Group page.

2019 Spring Open House

Weekend of April 27 & 28 from 1 pm to 4 pm

Club pro and executive members will be available to answer questions regarding club and programming

Potential members may get assistance with online registration.

As well members who would like to volunteer to help out around the club can drop by and find out what positions need filling and get particulars on the duties and time commitment involved.


                                              MEET THE PROS

               Jeff James 

I was born and raised in Edmonton. This is my 6th summer with the St. Albert Tennis Club.I have been coaching tennis for 8 years and am in my 5th year on the U of A Golden Bears Tennis Team,this year as captain. The team won a National Championship in 2016.I am currently ranked #3 in Alberta for Men’s singles and #5 in Alberta for doubles.

                Dan Henschel

Usually go by Danny;  I am a University of Alberta Golden Bears tennis player, and have worked on developing into a role model for my teammates. The opportunity to play for them has led me to give back to the community, in any way shape or form! I have helped the team win a National title in 2016, and I've been ranked top 10 in Alberta for singles and top 5 in Alberta in doubles, with many open tournament titles coming from doubles. I've been coaching for 8 years now and tennis is my passion in life.

The Elementary School Program which is offered in May and June and is run by our two professionals, Jeff James and Dan Henschel, is now open for registrations. Please refer to the Schools tab above to read about the program. Schools should contact Jeff James at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information and registrations.

        New and Revamped Programs for 2019

Please look under the Programs tab at the top of the page for a list of all the programming offered at the club as well check on the calendar (bottom of this page) for club events and programs.

New or Newly Advertised Programs this year include:

SYSTEM (Saturday morning)

Wednesday Morning Drop In

& Friday Night Lights              

Several changes were made to the Board Policy section over the winter which will be of interest to club members. (Click on the tab above: General, then click on the link Board Guidelines, then choose the topic: Board Policy)

One concerns guests playing at the club.

Another confirms the earlier policy regarding cannibis consumption in public areas.

Just a heads up that the board voted to increase membership fees (app. $10 per individual) for the coming year. The rationale was that the fees have not increased for the last 5 or so years and costs have certainly increased; as well are considering options for long term financial plans to help with the eventual court resurfacing and the increase helps with this funding.


The Mission Hill Courts public use schedule is posted by the main gate of the tennis courts.


Club Calendar