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 There will be a Member Social open to all Adult Members on Sunday August 26 from noon until four. This includes a free bbq and some fun tennis  for everyone. Mark your calendars and plan to attend.

The format for tennis will be mix and match throughout the afternoon with players able to participate any time they show up. The new "box" procedure that is used during the week will be in use. Food will be served from 1:30 only until 3:00 pm sharp.

This event is weather permitting.

Just a reminder to respect the rule of court usage as posted by the entry door on each court and remember that when all courts are  in use that doubles has priority over singles, so if members are waiting to play please pair up with other singles players or invite those waiting to play doubles with you. This ensures that more people get on the court to play at busy times. 

The August newsletter featured a call out to our members to step up and fill in some of the volunteer positions for next year's St. Albert Seniors' tournament as many of the current members are going to retire after this year to take a well deserved rest. We especially need someone to take over from Gord Olsson who functions as tournament coordinator with the added assistance of the club pro. Anyone interested in finding out more about what this role entails should contact Gord who will be pleased to go through the role description. We are also looking for volunteers to help with the social committee which involves food and meals.

As was stated in the newsletter this is a very prestigious tournament for the club and it would be a shame to have it end. The time commitment that is needed is not very onerous and there is ample assistance provided by experienced past volunteers.

Updated information about summer (July and August) Youth Camps for young people from 6 to 13 years of age can be found by clicking on the Lessons tab above and then go to the Youth Camps page which provides a schedule, an information section and a registration link.

Come down on Tuesday and or Thursday mornings from 9:00 to 11:00 to check out the new Nimbledons' format which ensures fast sets and lots of mixing of players. A brief description can be found under the Programs tab above and then clicking on Nimbledons.

The tournament schedule for 2018 is now posted: look under the tournaments' tab above. As of now we do need help running individual tournaments for the rest of the year. Please check out the tournament schedule to see if you can run one of the scheduled tournaments.

The  deadline for securing a tournament director for the scheduled doubles tournament on  August 18th has come and passed with no one volunteering. As a result this tournament is cancelled as well.

The executive will be discussing new ways and means of running tournaments for next year at its next meeing.

  Two new programs have been initiated this year on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday evening is a co-ed ladder mixing competitive and social players in a structured format.The Tuesday night ladder/mixer begins at 6:00 p.m on Tuesdays all season. This event is becoming increasingly popular for ladies and men. Thanks to Jim Fleming for adding this program to our schedule and running it so well.

The Wednesday programming consisted of lessons offered by the club pro, Jeff James, for members in May, June and July. These lessons are now over but the overall feedback was extremely positive and we hope to continue these next season. 

 The T/Th afternooners are now called the Lobsters and are participating in a random raquet mixer on Tuesdays and our regular ladder on Thursdays. The results will be posted on the information board in the clubhouse. Thanks to Jim Fleming for running this on a trial basis.

The lighting mechanism has been fixed thanks to Jim O'donnell and the shut off time is now set for close to 10:00 pm. Please handle the dials with care and don't overturn them or try to extend the lighting past 10:00. The city is very sensitive to complaints about extending the lighting beyond 10 and any infractions may very well result in us losing any evening lighting privileges. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

The Mission Hill Courts public use schedule is posted by the main gate of the tennis courts.



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