Duties of Pro-Manager

Conduct lessons - City of St. Albert and private; organize and maintain a challenging Juniors program; assist with Club operations including maintenance while on duty at the Club; interact with Club members and promote the Club to non-members.


  1. Conduct lessons sponsored by the Club, in accordance with a pre-arranged schedule. In addition to providing instruction this includes, taking lesson applications, collecting and accounting for money collected, record keeping and scheduling and if necessary because of weather or other circumstances rescheduling lesson times.
  2. Provide lessons to groups & individuals using effective techniques to benefit all participants. On the final day of each series of lessons, provide each participant with a brief verbal progress report, indication strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvements.
  3. Provide participants with verbal or written set of rules covering the basics and etiquette of than game.
  4. Provide 'Private' lessons requested by Club members and non-members.
  5. Encourage participants to join the St. Albert Tennis Club.


  1. Organize games and ensure that all juniors, especially those new to the Club, are involved.
  2. Regularly give instructional tips on strokes, volleys, strategy etc.
  3. Promote, organize and maintain junior ladder challenges.
  4. Keep juniors informed and encourage participation in Junior Tournaments - both Club

Sanctioned Tournaments

  1. With a club representative, interfacing with Tennis Alberta with regard to policies and procedures to be followed when conducting sanctioned tournaments.
  2. Prior to sanctioned tournaments make sure that other clubs have notification of dates, application forms, etc.
  3. Encourage members from St. Albert & surrounding area clubs to participate.
  4. Take applications, collecting and accounting for money collected.
  5. Liaison with Tennis Alberta with regard to seeding entries, preparing draws sheets, etc.
  6. Coordinating and supervising activity during the tournament
  7. Preparing tournament reports as may be required by Tennis Alberta
  8. Attend to sanctioned tournaments trophies and make sure they are up to date and engraved.


  1. Promote novel programs and activities for both adults and juniors in all groups.
  2. Promote, organize and conduct clinics for both adults and juniors in all groups.
  3. On request, assist and or provide guidance to Tournament Directors.
  4. As required, with taking of applications for membership and lessons. Monies & lesson applications are to be turned over to the Co-ordinator. Monies and membership applications are to be turned over to the Treasurer promptly.
  5. Squeegie and sweep courts as required, especially before tournaments.
  6. Keep the clubhouse clean & tidy. (wash floors & clean bathrooms on a weekly basis) Garbage cans need to be emptied both in the clubhouse and on the courts regularly. Assist with minor maintenance of the equipment i.e. nets, ball hoppers, Squeegies.
  7. Prepare a written report at the end of the employment period, on the achievements by the Pro in the above areas. Include suggestions and recommendations for improvement.
  8. Attend to other duties as may be occasionally requested by the Executive.

Reports to: The Club President or another designated Executive Member (Vice President)