The objectives of St. Albert Tennis Club are:

To encourage, sponsor and promote both competitive and recreational tennis, and to provide for the recreation of members through friendly and social activities, and to participate in and co-operate with appropriate recreational programs of the City of St. Albert.


The name of the society shall be The St. Albert Tennis Club (here-in-after called “the club”).

Membership in the club shall be open to any person interested in tennis upon payment of the appropriate annual membership fee.

The Membership Year of the club shall be from May 1st to April 30th.

Membership Categories  - e.g. senior, junior, family - shall be determined annually by the Board.

Membership Fees for all categories of membership in the club shall be determined annually by the Board.  

Membership in the club may be resigned by written notice to the Board.

Membership in the club may be expelled for cause by the Board. Members have the right, prior to expulsion, to a personal discussion with the Board. Any such expulsion shall not exceed the remainder of a current membership year.

Honorary Membership-for-life may be conferred on any person by unanimous decision of a meeting of the Board.

Guests of the Club

:Perspective new members may play on the Mission Courts one time during club times.

  • Out of town guests (outside the greater Edmonton area) may play any number of times for a period not to exceed one week in a year.
  • Notwithstanding the above club members have priority at all club times.

Non-club members may not play in club tournaments.

3.1. The Board of Directors of the Club.
The affairs of the club shall be managed, within the framework of these Bylaws, by a duly elected Board of Directors (herein called “the Board”).

The Board shall be elected annually by the members present at the Annual General Meeting.

Any member of the club shall be eligible to be a director of the Board.

The Board shall consist of:

  1. a president.
  2. a vice-president.
  3. a treasurer.
  4. a secretary, and
  5. other directors as shall, from time to time, be determined at the Annual General Meeting of the club.

Any vacancy occurring during the year may be filled by appointment by the remaining directors.

The club by Special Resoution may remove any Director before the expiration of his/her term of office and elect another member in his/her stead. The person so elected shall hold office for only such time as the officer in whose place he/she was elected would have held the same if he/she had not been removed.

The Board shall meet, as needed, throughout the year, at the call of the president.

Notice of all Board meetings shall be given to all Board  members at least three days in advance of the meeting.     

The president, when present, may act as chairperson of all board meetings or may delegate that responsibility. In the absence of the president the vice-president may chair any such meeting. In the absence of both, an alternate chairperson may be elected by the directors present.

A meeting of the Board may also be called by any two of the elected members.

Decisions of the Board shall be by majority vote and the chairperson shall have a casting vote.  

Board Policy may be changed at any executive meeting by a majority vote of all members of the board (in attendance or by proxy) with the chairperson having a casting vote.  (For clarification, if a board consists of eight members then five, or more, must be present at the meeting (either in person or by proxy) and at least five must approve the policy).          

None of the elected members of the Board shall receive any remuneration for their services as Board members.

 Clubhouse Keys:

  • A list of all members having keys to the clubhouse shall be maintained.

Present and past Board Members, Committee chairpersons and other who have designated duties may be assigned keys.

3.2.  Meetings of the Club
General Meetings of the club may be called at any time by the Board and shall be called by the Board at the written request of 12 members of the club. Notice of General Meetings shall be provided to the membership by:

  1. posting in the clubhouse at least 21 days prior to the date of the meeting, or
  2. delivering (by hand, email or mail, including a notice in a newsletter of the club) to club members at least 8 days prior to the date of the meeting.

An Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held in the months between September 30th and the end of the calendar year and will be chaired by the President or a nominated alternate. Notice of Annual General Meetings shall be the same as for General Meetings.

A Special General Meeting is a General Meeting or Annual General Meeting in which a Special Resolution, as defined in the Societies Act, is intended to be proposed. Notice of Special General Meetings shall be of the same methods as for General Meetings except 21 days notice is required, or a lessor period if in accordance with the voting provisions for Special Resolutions as specified in the Societies Act.

At General Meetings,  Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings:

  1. twelve members of the club shall constitute a quorum,
  2. in the absence of a quorum the members may decide to adjourn the meeting until such time as a quorum has developed.
  3. voting shall be restricted to members of the club who are present at the meeting.
  4. decisions (other than Special Resolutions which require a 75% majority vote) at both Annual and Special General meeting shall be by majority vote.
  5. the President, or the nominated alternaive chairman, shall have a casting vote.

3.3. Financial Affairs of the Club
The financial year of the club shall be from October 1st to September 30th..

At the Annual General Meeting, the treasurer shall present to the club a comprehensive statement of the financial affairs of the club including statements setting out the income, disbursements, assets and liabilities of the club for the most recent financial year.

These account statements shall be audited by two members of the club, who will be nominated at the Annual General Meeting and who are not elected members of the Board.

This audit shall include - but will not necessarily be limited to - the following items:

  1. a review and verification of all monthly bank account statements and
  2. a review and verification of the year-end statements of all bank balances, and
  3. a review and verification of changes and year end balances in the investments held by the club, and
  4. a review and verification of 15 randomly selected payments made during the course of the financial year.

Cheques relating to club expenditures or the reimbursements of expenses incurred on behalf of the club shall be approved and signed by at least two of the following directors: president, vice-president, treasurer or secretary.   

3.4. Administrative Affairs of the Club
All administrative affairs of the club including  taking and keeping the minutes of Board of Directors meetings and of General Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings of the club and preparing and keeping other administrative records shall be the responsibility of the Secretary.

The annual administrative records of the club shall include:

  1. a record of the membership of the Executive Board, and
  2. a record of the annual membership of the club, and
  3. a record of the General Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings, and
  4. a copy of the financial statements presented by the treasurer at the Annual General Meeting, and
  5. such other documents as are deemed necessary by the President of the Club.

These annual administrative records of the club shall be made available to any member of the club within two weeks of receipt of a written request.

Dissolution of the club requires the authority of a Special Resolution as defined in the Societies Act. Any club monies or property remaining after dissolution shall be distributed to a non-profit organization with similar objectives.        

For the purposes of carrying out its objectives the club may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such a manner as it thinks fit but this power shall only be exercised under the authority of a Special Resolution as defined in the Societies Act.

These Bylaws may be rescinded, altered or added to only by Special Resolution as defined in the Societies Act.

Copy of Bylaws filed on:
Dec 07, 2004 with the Registrar of Corporations, Province of Alberta