The Summer Junior Drop-in Program for 2021 is now finished. The 2022 program will be announced next spring.

Here is a description of the 2021 programs. Registration for 2022 will open in May or June:

Age Groupings:

  J1 is from age 6 (before Sept 30) to age 10 and this group plays from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, weekdays.

  J2 is from age 11-14 and this group plays from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, weekdays.


Both Groups play at Mission Hill Courts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and at Willoughby Courts on Tuesday and Thursday.           

For Parents: 

The main "to do" points for the Junior Drop-in:

  1. Juniors should have running shoes providing good support
  2. They should wear clothing appropriate for weather (hats? Sunscreen?)
  3. Rackets of various sizes are available to use at the sessions, but if your junior becomes a regular player, it would be best to get them their own, properly fitted, racket.
  4. All other equipment and balls are provided by the club  
  5. Please be punctual in pickup of young juniors after their program ends at either 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm

The Drop-In sessions are not structured tennis lessons (as is found in the Camp Sessions - (Youth Camps - St. Albert Tennis Club (stalberttennis.club) ) They are a mixture of light lesson structure, fun and play.  They are an opportunity for young players to reinforce skills, learn the fundamentals of tennis and have fun with like-minded juniors. As the skill level varies considerably with experience and age, our coaches generally create a beginner group and a more advanced group within the same age category. The goal of this program is to help kids learn to love the game.

Weather cancellations: notice of cancellation due to weather conditions will be sent by email. A backup notification may also be placed on the fence in view of the webcam video available on the webpage. The webcam notification will only be used when a sudden weather change occurs. The Drop-in Program is offered on a weather permitting basis and there is no redress if a session is cancelled due to player safety concerns.

Coaches:  Lydia Samis and Jena Cheng. Two very personable, competent and experienced tennis instructors who are currently members of the U of Alberta Panda Tennis Team.

To set-up an account and begin the registration process, click: St. Albert Tennis Club - Online Services  and follow the instructions below

For SATC Members and those who already have an account

Click on the link above to go to the SATC - online services Home Page -  with the sign-in to your account. After you have signed into your account follow the links to register Juniors. 

If you are a Public NON-Member wanting to register your child in the Junior Programs and/or Junior Camps for the first time, click on the Link above or at the bottom of the page and select “Registration for Public Programs” to create a new Public Account.

There is no fee for being a public account holder. This is a one time process and information is retained in the system. Public members will have the requirement to pay $60.00 for the Summer Drop-In. Both Members and Public Members pay $80.00 for the Summer Camp Sessions. 

Once you have finished a page, select "SAVE & NEXT" and proceed to the next page. 

 At the last step in the registration process, after all the waivers and agreements have been looked at select "CONFIRM AND SUBMIT".  

Selecting “Confirm and Submit” will bring you to your Public Portal.

On your Public Portal you will see three columns with various options -  Select: “My Profile”; then select: “View/update/add family members”.  Once family members are added, select “Back” to register your child(ren) in the desired Junior Programs or Junior Camps.

When finished, you will be directed to the Paypal site for payment, once payment is processed a receipt is emailed to you.

* If you see otherwise, or billing is not what you expect, leave the registration "Pending" and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  All Information is maintained in your file and it is easy to adjust any issues.


To set-up an account and begin the registration process, click: St. Albert Tennis Club - Online Services