Adopt a Tournament – Guidelines

Participation by adopting a tournament enables the club to have an excellent tournament program and helps share the work.  This will describe the things that the Tournament Directors will do and the things that members adopting a tournament are responsible for.

The Tournament Directors will:

  1. About two weeks before the tournament post the “sign up sheets” on the Clubhouse Bulletin Board.
  2. On the Wednesday night before the tournament meet with you in the clubhouse to:
    1. provide a float for the tournament to purchase food and prizes,
    2. provide tennis balls for the tournament,
    3. make up the draw, including seeding of players,
    4. Provide encouragement and advice as needed.

Members Adopting a Tournament are Responsible to:

  1. Contact members at the club or by phone to remind them of the tournament and to see if they are interested in playing. About 1 week before the event is recommended.
  2. Participate in making up the draw on the Wednesday before the tournament.  As a rule of thumb, 1 hour is allocated for a pro set to 9 and 1 ½ hours for a three-set match.
  3. Post the draw sheet on the notice board and contact all players to inform them of their first game times.
  4. Purchase food and prizes. As a guideline 1/3 of the money should be allocated to each of tennis balls, food and prices.
  5. Be at the clubhouse about one half an hour before the first match time to collect tournament fees and provide direction to the players.
  6. To ensure someone is on site at all times during the tournament to mark scores, to kept the tournament on schedule and deal with any other issues that may arise.
  7. Manage refreshments /food during the tournament.
  8. Hand out prizes.
  9. Tidy up the clubhouse when the tournament is over.
  10. Prepare a financial statement on the form provided and turn it in with funds on hand to one of the Tournament Directors. From a financial point of view the objective is to break even or make a small profit which will go towards trophy engraving at the end of the season.